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Published on März 10th, 2015 | by Daniel

Radisson Blu Schwarzer Bock Hotel Wiesbaden – Get a Way in our hometown

Yes , it is beginning of the week. To plan your next trip, we give you a special advice to survive these manic days of the week. First of all, our frequent followers and readers already know, we are not that much into history and stories of the past. For us, the present and the future what it´s all about. But what life would be without exceptions and sins? Yes, boring.  Our 2nd most read category is about to get expanded by something very special right away. Working in the automotive business, you are travelling a lot. And always when you get behind the wheel, you are on duty. This time we choose to drive less,  even though it is the stunning Bentley Continental GTC V8, and relax more during our stay. The reason why we choose Wiesbaden, we are headquartered here too.

After a short drive through the Rheingau nearby, we arrived in style at the Radisson Blu Schwarzer Bock Hotel Wiesbaden. The “Schwarzer Bock” is opened as a bath house. This special year is still recorded above the door of the hotel bar. Founded in 1486, the hotel is the oldest incorporation in the city of Wiesbaden. After a spectacular past and many owners, you can feel the special atmosphere lingering through the building, right after the attentive concierge checked you in. Mostly all of the rooms are renovated freshly, comfortness has been created by modern colours and well choosen materials.

Short shower and we are heading to dinner, to check the restaurant, where we walked by many times.  This Bistro 1486 diverse menu includes German classics, Arabic dishes and a range of other options, all prepared fresh and served in a bright and welcoming upscale environment. Pair any dish with a selection from the wine list, as well from the Rheingau nearby.  Just delicious. Nothing to add here. For closed society, to get together in the most classy way availabe for sure in our hometown, you can reserve the Ingelheimer Zimmer. Adorned with 16th-century carvings on the doors, walls and ceiling, the Ingelheimer Zimmer is an unforgettable backdrop for weddings, banquets or any other special occasion that requires the highest level of elegance. Next morning we are about to enjoy our so beloved Intercontinental breakfast in the Restaurant Capricorne, with everything you may be dreaming of.

Afterwards it’s  time for us to to scare the stress away in the infamous Bath house. Following intensive renovation work, the traditional Bath House with its modern installations is again available to guests for unlimited use. In the historical part of the Bath House, a total of four cubicles for bathtubs and massage treatments were restored and renovated in order to honor the century-old tradition of spa culture. In the rear, contemporary part – the SPA area – a Finnish sauna, steam room and sensory shower have been installed. The indoor pool has also been completely renovated, replacing the old pool with one measuring 16 x 23 feet which is filled with water from the thermal spring, at a temperature of more than 90°F. There is also a spacious relaxation room with a view over the pool, enabling rest and recuperation. Guests can choose between more than 30 treatments, relaxing baths, intensive massages or facials and body treatments. The water comes from a hot fountain just under the building, rich of minerals, which were known already due roman times. International guests from overseas love the fountains and this unique Hotel.

To come to a conclusion right away. There is a german saying : “Why look into the distance when the good is so close”. Travelling is great, but sometimes it is helpful to take a rest. We will be back for sure. Make your reservation now.


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