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Published on Januar 20th, 2015 | by Daniel

Philips 100th birthday bash automotive lighting

If somebody invites you to a birthday party to escape the cold and grey winter up in the hills of Barca, what would you answer? Alright, we too. If you might have answered no, please consult a doctor today. So we joined Philips automotive lighting through their important and very interesting decades from 1914 until today. When Philips started producing car headlamps, cars were driving at a maximum speed of 30 km/h and the prevailing lighting technology was based on carbide – simple lamps that had a reflector behind a flame intending to project the light forward. A discussion between Henry Ford and Anton Philips in the early twenties finally triggered the breakthrough of electrical car illumination for providing the mass market. Ford’s worldwide renowned Model T was one of the first cars equipped with the Philips half-watt lamps. Enjoy this little preview and stay tuned for our video to come.


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