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Published on September 3rd, 2014 | by Daniel

Metamorphosis of a MC12 GT1 into a MC12 GT1 Centenario

The word “metamorphosis” derives from Greek μεταμόρφωσις, “transformation, from μετα- (meta-), “change” + μορφή (morphe), “form”. Enough of the biologic course for you today. Rather watch this infamous beast transforming into a Centenario MC12 GT1, first appeared in Goodwood. As you selective readers already now, this year the magical trident brand from Modena celebrates 100 years of being the opposite of ordinary. Maserati shows some love with it´s most important and succeding GT1 car with a special and unique livery. This was made just a few meters from our office desk, so we sneaked exclusive for you around the corner to watch Ildiko and Andras from Bathory Pictures at work. Many details like the cradle of birth made with airbrush and passion for the brand. Enjoy the gallery. Before hitting play at the video following below, which shows the MC12 GT1 Centenario impressing the guests at Virgina Racetrack, make sure you put your speakers to the max once again. #soundmatters

Reminder: Volume to the MAX. Now.


This list shows how impressive the MC12 GT1 Centenario storms the globe by our report. Thank you, Petrolheads. loves italian V12´s. The Canadian site joins them.

Autoblog JP made the MC12 big in Japan feels the same about the beast of the century.

YahooAutos agreed. tears it up once again. is a must for roaring engines. from Russia loves that beast. is spreading the GT1 word arabic style. says ciao! in the country of origin. shows in South Africa some passion. showing some V12 sounds in Brasil. rippin it up. says vive la France with that V12. from Sweden are doing it right. and are about to rock Serbia. storming VIR too. fell in love. roars with us.  speaks about the MC12. keeping it real GT1. says this noise is furious. plays the GT1 game in a luxurios way.


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