Roadtrip GT11

Published on April 20th, 2015 | by Daniel

Golf GTI stopped by the Police in St. Tropez

Golf GTI. No ABS. No ESP. No Airbags. But charming and full of Character are some of the thoughts entering the clean cockpit . We took one of the iconic cubes through the tiny streets around Saint Tropez. Everbody´s looking at you and you get one thumb up after another. It drives just amazingly, nothing is there to remind you of the not fastened seat belt, no alarms, nothing.  Great. Then we got stopped by the Police. The first question was, if  i speak a little bit of french. I do, badly. Then he asked me, if i knew that i was driving with lights turned on all the time. I said, i know, because of the bad weather, but i can turn them off anytime. Immediately after this he showed me some pictures of classic Beetle´s he collected over the years on his cellphone. Now i knew the reason why we got pulled over. “Want to shoot some pictures?” Oui, Oui, Oui he answered excited. So I let things happen about 20 minutes, in the center of the city, where everbody is just thinking about stopping only for a second in order not to get get chased away. I drove off with a big smile. Told you, GTI makes you smile. Always.






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