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Published on Juli 28th, 2014 | by Daniel

Aston Martin Vantage S Roadster – topless rules

The Vantage S Roadster looks like an english roadster supposed to look. From the inside and outside and so smooth to drive. Until you sting the pedal against the metal like we did. It transforms from a gentleman into a loud, angry football fan after a lost match. Just in a few seconds. Just adorable.

The start button is something truly unique. Usually this  button is made of plastic or carbon fibre. This time finest crystal glass. The S trailing the name of this Vantage stands for “sport”—hardly astonishing news—but the differences between sport and standard are a bit exclusive. S means a little more motor, a little more brake, a little more rubber, a little less weight, and, of course, a little more money.

The engine is Aston’s familiar 4.7-liter aluminum V-8. This menacing machine sounds that emerge when the bypass valves open up and the engine soars toward redline are almost worth the price premium on their own, with or without the extra thrust. Fast, elegant exclusive, this is our definition of power, beauty and soul. Stay tuned for more.

Our german review.



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